Katello 2.2.3

Katello 2.2.3 has been officially released and includes a few bug fixes.
See below for links to installation and upgrade instructions. A big thanks
to all our users and testers.

Notable Fixes:

  • Activation keys with auto-attach set to true and custom products will
    no properly attach
  • Capsule installs will now install correctly without needing to apply a

A full list of the changes in Katello 2.2 is in our release notes:

Installation or Upgrade

··· ================ Please be sure to check out the new client installation and upgrade documentation that was added for this release.

For installation, please see the instructions at:
Server: http://www.katello.org/docs/2.2/installation/index.html
Capsule: http://www.katello.org/docs/2.2/installation/capsule.html
Clients: http://www.katello.org/docs/2.2/installation/clients.html

Please note that there are separate upgrade instructions for the
Katello server,
Capsules and Clients.
Server: http://www.katello.org/docs/2.2/upgrade/index.html
Capsule: http://www.katello.org/docs/2.2/upgrade/capsule.html
Capsule: http://www.katello.org/docs/2.2/upgrade/clients.html

The GPG key used for RPMs and tarballs has the following fingerprint:
9989 7EB9 7C93 C5A6 A193 3C45 082D 4CD3 BC62 D13F

Bug reporting

If you come across a bug in your testing, please file it and note the
version of Katello that you’re using in the report and set the release to 2.

Some issues are still waiting more information or are actively being worked
on for 2.2.3


Thanks again to all our users and testers!

Eric D. Helms
Red Hat Engineering
Ph.D. Student - North Carolina State University