[Katello 2.2 RCx] Package Upload via GUI to Products is not updating Info

I think since Katello 2.2 there is a problem with the "Upload Package"
Feature under "Products" if you are using the GUI, it seems that the
Package is uploaded but Info is not getting updated. I could not find
anything in the logs (forman.log or messages) and there are also no Errors
under Katello Tasks or Dynflow, can someone recheck and approve that you
have the same issue, please check and let me know if I should open a ticket.

Upload Package#1 via GUI (failed):

  • Message "Content successfully uploaded"
  • Number of Packages is not changed !!!
  • Package is not found under "Content Search", but new RPM is present under
    Pulp Repo Dir !!!

Upload Package#1 via Hammer (ok):

  • Message "Successfully uploaded file"
  • Number of Packages is changed
  • Package is found under "Content Search"