Katello-3.0.1 and puppet modules in CV and paging

Hi All,

First of all congrats with the new Katello version, nice work.

I had a 3.0RC and upgraded that to 3.0.1 but had some problems with
puppet modules in ContentViews so I deleted the VM and have started all
over with a clean slate.

  • centos-7.2
  • katello-3.0.1 setup using the docs on katello.org (the docs for 3.0
    state that it isn't released yet)
  • add Content/Products, Puppetforge, sync it and voila 4217 modules availble
  • add a CV, select the PuppetModules tab and, try to, add a module.
    Now it gets weird. The text next to the filter field reads as follows:
    Showing 20 of 2664 (4127 Total)
    I get the 20, if you click in the module list you can page down and the
    next 20 are loaded, sofar OK
    But I don't want to page down to the 'stdlib' module, so I start typing
    into the search field, NOK
    It only filters on the 20 modules shown :frowning: (that is a bug that was
    present in 2.4 I think)
    If I scroll down past the first 20 (40 or more) than it suddenly starts
    searching when I start typing 'stdā€¦' UNTIL it reaches (Showing 2120 of
  1. and it never shows 'stdlib'. It does show a couple of other
    modules with stdlib in the name.
    I'm a patient man so I paged down until I couldn't get any further and
    can't get past 2680 which leads to a very weird text next to the filter
    field 'Showing 2680 of 2664 (4217 Total)'

Looking at the foreman log I don't see anything suspicious, just the
request for the next page and page 134 is the last one and it won't go
further. Using the webdeveloper console I can modify the request for
page 134 to 139 and it will request the page and it show a correct json
with 20 more modules.

Found it on the tracker: Bug #13163: Search for modules does not work, only first 20 modules available for CV - Katello - Foreman
Fix should be in 3.0.2 so testing will have to wait a bit :frowning: