Katello 3.0 : Erratas on pulp are not in sync with erratas on Katello

Some mistakes with erratas with katello 3.0 (upgraded from 2.4):

I have (at least…) 2 problems. Not sure if it is the same cause or not :

Problem 1 : Some erratas are on pulp but do not appear on Katello. These
erratas were loaded on pulp with « pulp-admin rpm repo uploads erratum … »

Example for CESA-2016:1292. I can list the update with pulp-admin, but I
can’t see the errata on WebUI

[root@lslkatp01:~] # pulp-admin -v -u admin -p mypassword rpm repo content
errata --repo-id VDL-Library-CentOS7_VDL_content_view-CentOS_7-Updates


Description: Not available

Id: CESA-2016:1292

Severity: Important

Title: CentOS libxml2 Security Update

Type: security


and query with « hammer erratum list » seems to hang (or I did not find the
correct syntax…):

[root@lslkatp01:~] # hammer erratum list

[Foreman] Password for admin:

(no output after several minutes)

pulp DB and Katello DB seem to be unsynchronized. Is it possible ? How can
I re-sync them ?

*Problem 2 : *OK. The above example is affected by issue 1881 :