Katello 3.16.1-1 repo sync file validation error

Wonder if it would be possible to use no-cache on a reposync? It may defeat the traditional purpose of a proxy but for something like this it makes sense. Or have an option to do that.

Pulp Nectar is the software that downloads files for Pulp 2. I’m not positive if it uses wget behind the scenes, but perhaps you could try turning off the cache in your .wgetrc?

cache = on/off

    When set to off, disallow server-caching. See the ‘--no-cache’ option.


Never mind about that, Nectar uses the Python requests library. There might be another workaround within Nectar itself.

Found some interesting info. It turns out --no-cache with wget sets headers Cache-Control: no-cache and Pragma: no-cache, so you could use the same headers within Pulp. The headers would need to be hacked into the Pulp code somewhere, perhaps in this file: https://github.com/pulp/pulp/blob/f231a283e5d377d56b6c2061df9e2d3d1bc81cd9/server/pulp/plugins/util/nectar_config.py#L98-L99

Hopefully though you can get your proxy fixed!

I think the real problem is the proxy so please don’t worry about this any more. Would be handy to manage this in the proxy configuration but I can’t imagine you coming across this often.

I think the real solution for me is to work towards getting the mirrors whitelisted so I can avoid the proxy all together. It would probably be easier than getting the proxy fixed. Politics :frowning:

Thanks for everything.

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