Katello 3.4 Client Release: introducing agent(gofer)-less host tools

We've decided to make a stand alone release to the Katello client
repositories to address address an issue and release a new feature.

Gofer-less Client Support

For some time, users have been asking for a way to have errata and package
applicability without having to run the full agent on their client
machines. Further, while running the agent does provide for remote action
such as package or errata installation, the remote execution plugin can
also provide this functionality in an agent-less manner. To bring this full
circle, we've decided to release goferless client packages into the 3.4
stream. Also, this should reduce memory consumption on individual clients.

This new package is: katello-host-tools. Installing this package will not
install the katello-agent package nor will it start goferd. However, any
yum action will result in package profile and enabled repository updates
back to the server ensuring up to date errata listing.

For those wanting the previous behavior, simply install katello-agent as
this will continue to function as it did before.

For those upgrading, if you wish to continue to use katello-agent as is,
simply upgrade like normal. If you wish to switch to agent-less mode,
update the katello-agent and either stop goferd or remove the katello-agent
package. Ensure that the katello-host-tools package remains installed.

Broken Client Repositories

During the time frame of the Katello 3.4 release, our RPM build server went
down and had to be migrated. Part of that recovery required rebuilding and
populating our build structure for RPMs. This resulted in broken client
repositories for all but EL7 being released. Today's release fixes the EL6,
EL5, Fedora 24 and Fedora 25 client repositories to put back the missing

Please let us know if you find any further irregularities with these

ยทยทยท -- Eric D. Helms Red Hat Engineering