Katello 3.6 has no pulp repository?

My Katello 3.5 set up has repos for client, candlepin, katello and pulp, like the source

I note that the Katello 3.6 space doesn’t have a pulp repository.

Is this because pulp has been absorbed or retired? Or is it yet to come?

We switched to using Pulp’s repositories directly from their releases. For a given Katello release, we will select a Y version of Pulp (e.g. 2.15) and as Pulp rolls out updates to that stream Katello users for a given Katello release will get updates directly.

Ah! So for self hosting Katello servers, we will need to find and add the pulp repositories as well? I don’t see pulp in the epel or base repos. Indeed - there seem to be separate repos. I would make sure that is documented in the upgrade notes.