Katello 3.6 RC1 install fails when foreman_setup plugin is enabled

I dont manage to create account on issue tracker, so here is some “bug report”.

foreman-installer fails when foreman_setup plugin is enabled.

Expected outcome:
foreman-installer completes

Foreman and Proxy versions:
foreman 1.17
katello 3.6

Other relevant data:
After some debug, it comes from removed function from ruby 5.1, but used in foreman_setup plugin 5.0. foreman_setup plugin has been updated upstream (6.0) to support ruby 5.1 but the package from foreman-plugins repository provides foreman_setup 5.0.
The compatibility matrix https://github.com/theforeman/foreman_setup#compatibility says foreman 1.17 is compatible with 6.0 version.

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@mmoll any idea about this?


Thanks for your answers.
I see that the build finished, I ll make you know if it works as soon as it will be pushed in repositories.
(manually installed gem works, though)

I merged it now. The plugin release pipeline is still running.

On a new katello scenario install, I locally installed the package downloaded from koji, run foreman-installer with --enable-foreman-plugin-setup and followed the provisioning wizard without problem.
(I did not yet tried host provisioning and DHCP/PXE)