Katello 4.0 and openSUSE Leap -> "unknown 15.2" and no new packages / patches vissible

OS for registered openSUSE Leap System -> “unknown 15.2” Operationgsystem in Katello afterwards
Expected outcome:
OS for registered openSUSE Leap System -> openSUSE Leap 15.2
Foreman and Proxy versions:
Katello 4.0 /Foreman 2.4 on Server , subscription-manager 1.28.3-1.1 on client (but older versions the same)
Distribution and version:
on client: openSUSE 15.2


this time problems with katello 4.0 (in our test environment) and openSUSE 15.2 :frowning:

fresh installed katello 4.0 on centOS 7.9
client is openSUSE 15.2 with katello client from “Index of /repositories/systemsmanagement:/katello/SLE_15_SP2” but the same with “Pulp Repository Index

facts of client are:

distribution.id: 15.2
distribution.name: openSUSE Leap
distribution.version: 15.2

the registration of client runs fine and afterwards, I have all needed repositories …

additionally, within foreman this client shows no information about available patches

katello-package-upload -f does not help …

What’s the reason for that?



really no one running openSUSE clients with katello (and with or without these problems)???