Katello 4.1.0-rc2 Release Process

When Ready to Release

Release Owner

  • Request Hammer CLI Katello release from maintainers

  • Request Virt Who Configure release from maintainers

  • Clone tool_belt and run:

    • ./tools.rb setup-environment configs/katello/4.1.yaml
    • ./tools.rb cherry-picks --version 4.1.0-rc2 configs/katello/4.1.yaml
    • Verify tickets in the cherry_picks_4.1.0-rc2 file are accounted for or additional cherry pick them
    • Check for outdated deprecation warnings in the current and next release with ./tools check-deprecation-warnings configs/katello/4.1.yaml. Follow the instructions in the output of the command.
  • In katello release branch:

    • Update lib/katello/version.rb to 4.1.0-rc2
    • Commit: git commit -m "Release 4.1.0-rc2"
    • Tag: git tag -s -m "Release 4.1.0-rc2" 4.1.0-rc2
    • Push: git push --follow-tags
    • Generate source gem: gem build katello.gemspec
    • Push gem: gem push katello-4.1.0-rc2.gem

Once Source is Available

Release Packager

Once release is out

Release Owner

The package builds fail because the gem pins qpid_proton to < 0.34, but packaging has 0.34 (thanks EPEL).

Please revert and re-release

@jeremylenz Can we get a 4.1 rc2.1 build with the updated gemspec, as mentioned above?

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Working on it: [CP] Bump version to 4.1.rc2.1 & address qpid_proton issue by jeremylenz · Pull Request #9380 · Katello/katello · GitHub

Gem is built (again) :yum: