Katello 4.1 and Rocky Linux 8 - not ready for prime time yet it seems

You can run “dnf repolist -v”. It’ll show you the full baseurl for each repositories. It contains the environment and the content view labels…

dnf provides doesn’t find the new package version although in katello it shows the correct filelist. Did you republish the repository metadata for each repository after the repair? Or did you do an advanced, complete sync of each repository?

Go to the repository page for the baseos repository (Content - Products - <pick or CentOS 8 product> - on the Repositories tab click on the BaseOS repository) and from the “Select Action” dropdown select “Republish Repository Metadata”.

If you client is in the Library Environment on the “Default Organizational View” it should be able to pick up the new metadata. For a content view, I think you’ll have to publish and promote a new version. After a “dnf clean all” it should download the correct metadata…

“dnf repolist -v” shows correct url and content view.

I have somehow missed the metadata republishing step. After repository metadata republish and publishing new CV version it is working now. Thank you for your help.