Katello and CentOS Stream


in case you haven’t heard the news, CentOS project announced it will no longer be RHEL clone and it’s shifting to “Rolling release”. In short, changes go into CentOS first, then into RHEL. Discussion is heated all over the place, but I am not creating this thread to discuss this change in particular.

I believe Foreman+Katello+Pulp are great tools for all those people who would like to start building more controlled CentOS Stream update environments. In general just by using Katello to promote content into lifecycle environment and content view, it’s a big plus on its own. But I was wondering if we can figure out something even better on top of it. I haven’t used this myself, but there is a project that provides CentOS errata data and a katello importer. I am wondering if these tools can be used to get back closer to RHEL-like environment.

Does anyone use Katello pulling data from CentOS Stream already? Any experience? Advice?

If we find a good enough solution, I think it is worth writing a blogpost and maybe an article for some site to spread the news. This is an opportunity we can use to advertise Katello, Foreman and Pulp.


Pulling repos seems to work just as expected, though I ‘just’ enabled it to test if the PXE image for Stream wasn’t broken (spoiler: it is).

I think that Katello is a massive boon to have when CentOS switches to rolling, as it allows you to control which updates are available :slight_smile:

Although I also think there might be some issues in the future with regards to ‘does it run Foreman/Katello’, as there will no longer be a ‘static’ version of the OS.

Agreed and I think we should make sure to promote this. Ideally with a very concrete tutorial.

That is indeed an interesting question. While I work for Red Hat, I can say that I read the announcement at the same time as everyone else. Pretty sure that’s true for most (all?) the RHers working on Foreman. We haven’t had time to digest the news either and think about all the implications.

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