Katello and Custom Repos

We have a custom repo which I’ve moved to our Katello server and then added the repo into Katello, however, I noticed that is is also mirroring the repo locally (again). Is there a way to either:

a) store and control the management of the repo and all it’s packages on Katello (effectively eliminating repo management on the os level)
b) not mirror the repo locally


I noticed there is a ‘Mirror on Sync’ option for a repo – I’m assuming if I flip that to ‘no’ that the mirror will no longer sync locally. Now, if I wanted to do option A (from above) is that also possible?


Sorry for such a delayed response!

You can upload individual packages to a repo and not set the source URL (you’d never ‘sync’ the repo in Katello). You can use content views to manage different versions of the same repo as well. Does this solve the use case you describe in a) ?