Katello and Instant Repo Updates




Is it possible for Katello to fully control a repo and sync immediately whenever the repo is…

a) if the repo is re-created
b) if the repo has a packaged added to it

Firstly, can a repo be fully controlled by Katello? If not, if the repo is hosted somewhere and Katello adds the repo as a product, can said repo be instantly updated in real-time as soon as a package is added and the repo is re-created upstream? The people who are updating the packages will be users who do NOT have access to Katello in any way.

Thank you very much.


By fully controlled you me it does not require an upstream? Yes, you can do so and simple upload packages via API or WebUI. But in your case if the user has no access, it is no.

Instant update is not possible as Katello has no watch job, just a scheduled sync job.


Like @Dirk said there is no way for Katello to know if the repo is updated upstream. You may find scheduled sync plans helpful.