[Katello] Client check-in schedule

Hi folks,

With the ground up re-design of Katello compared to Spacewalk, will there
be the notion of a client-lead rhn_check (or similar) that happens every 4
hours (the default).

I ask as I'm trying to figure out what the scope is for scheduling tasks
across large estates and trying to ensure I can't spike my virtual hosts
with a massive workload on each virtual guest at the same time.

An example (not a great one perhaps) would be to run a full rpm --verify
across my estate due to a Security Team question. In this case, I'd
ideally schedule the remote command to be picked up by the client-lead
check-in rather than any immediate pickup. This gives me a built-in jitter
of 4 hours - more than enough to spread any nasty load over. As long as
the Security team are happy to wait until tomorrow for the answer, this
would be my preferred choice.

An example at the other end of the spectrum (again not a great one) might
be "service ntpd restart". Say my NTP server goes up in smoke. I build
another one quick-style and need to re-point all my virtual guests at it
before they start to drift too much. I'd want to restart ntpd across all
my guests as quickly as possible, so an immediate schedule for this with
clients running the task within seconds would be best.

On the current Satellite/Spacewalk setup, I can configure push-to-client,
but that looses me the ability to have jobs picked up on the regular

Is this something that Katello is looking into? Which part of the project
will be responsible for scheduling & carrying out remote commands and the