Katello Content Host showing zero installable updates

I have 2 content hosts that are showing 0 installable updates, both are Centos VMs.

I am running Foreman 1.15.6 and katello 3.4.5. On the hosts that aren’t reporting I have verified that goferd and rhsmcertd are running. I have done this to force an update:

mv /var/lib/rhsm/packages/packages.json /tmp

I see the task " Package Profile Update for …" show up in Foreman. When I do a yum update on the client I see available packages.

What else can I try to get Foreman to show installable updates? I want to push the updates out but I don’t think that will work if it can’t tell what updates need to be applied.


Are there lots of pending tasks on the Server? Look under Monitor -> Tasks menu item.

No there are not but I installable updates for all the hosts now so maybe it took a while for them to check in.