Katello content view based puppet environments with hiera


I'm a current Foreman user looking to migrate to Katello. My organization
currently uses a simple git branch to puppet environment workflow for Dev,
QA, and Production. We use a combination of hiera and smart class
parameters to provide the data for our puppet classes. My hiera hierarchy
includes the environment so that we can give different parameters based on
the environment.

After starting to playing with Katello and Content Views to define puppet
environments, it seems like we will have many more puppet environments
which will really complicate our hiera hierarchy. I was wondering if
anybody is using hiera in combination with Content View based puppet
environments? If so, do you have any recommendations on the best way to
manage the complexity of your hiera heirarchy?

One other issue I'm running into is that we currently maintain our hiera
data in git along with our puppet modules. So, when we push an environment
branch our hiera data gets updated along with the modules. Is there a way
through Content Views to add the hiera data to the generated puppet
environments to mimic this behavior?