Katello Content View Browser Tool - UMass Lowell Development Project

Hello Foreman Community,

We are working on a tool to help more easily manage content view versions in Katello as part of a project course at UMass Lowell. We’re attempting to come up with a name for it, but have not been able to find a name that we all agree upon. We’re looking for feedback from the Katello users on what you think this tool should be called. We would like it to follow the construction theme (such as Foreman and Forklift).

In addition, if you have any other feedback on potential features or designs for this tool, we are also looking for that as well!

Jason Kiesling, Evan O’Malley, Maxwell Rider, Kevin Huang, and Dr. James Daly


Naming things is hard :slight_smile: I don’t hate a super explicit name like “Katello Content View Browser”. Even if it is a bit boring, it definitely gets the main idea across. I get tired of having to figure out what a project called something like “asparagus” actually does. But maybe that’s just my personal gripe and someone has a better suggestion :smile:

I’m sure many would love to see and hear about the general design, the goals of the application, the expected user workflow, technical details, mockups, etc… Please do share these throughout the process here even if they are still rough. Its much easier to make changes in the design stage rather then after the code has been written and you could even get some input from existing users.

Excited to see how this project progresses!