Katello Debian/Ubuntu repo files missing

I have a repo for Ubuntu 20.04, focal-security, main, restricted, universe, amd64.

However I have zero files being synced for the SSSD metapackage. No SSSD metapackage nor any associated packages.

If I look at the packages.gz file in main in the Ubuntu repo, I can see sssd in there. There are almost twice as many packages in main as there are syncing to Katello.

Expected outcome:
ALL packages in the repos and components are downloaded and added to the local repo.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 3.1.0
Katello 4.3.0.rc4

I will need to have a look at this.

Can you check if there are any relevant warnings or similar in the logs when you sync?

This works just fine on my test system using the following sync settings:

Upstream URL:     http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/
Releases:         focal-security
Components:       main restricted universe
Architectures:    amd64
Download Policy:  On Demand 

I am getting 12986 deb Packages from the sync, which matches what I saw in the upstream Packages files. I am testing one more time using Download Policy “immediate”, but I don’t think that will change anything.

Can you test this again? Is there anything you did differently? What mirror were you using?

Ugh - when did it switch from comma separated list to space separated? Removed the commas and I have 12986 packages.

There needs to be error checking on this field. I’d love to see a help icon next to each field with a brief description of the format and what it is for.

Also, when did clicking on the package count on the repository screen start bringing you to a blank screen? I’d expect it to take you to a list of packages in that repository.

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This happened with the switch from Pulp 2 to Pulp 3 I am afraid. My apologies.

I have good news on that one, we implemented exactly what you describe recently at least in the form for creating new Debian repos (though I am not exactly sure what Katello release it will first be in). Found the issue: Bug #33702: Fix Katello GUI issues and add debian constraints - Katello - Foreman Looks like it will be in Katello 4.3. If I remember correctly it includes reworked descriptions for all Debian specific repo fields, mouse over text with additional corner cases/extra infromation. As well as sanity checking for certain user input (including a warning if you try to add commas to the lists that used to be comma separated).

This sounds like a bug to me. I am pretty sure clicking on the package count in my test system took me to a list of packages (I am using a somewhat different version on my test system so it working there does not mean it can’t be broken on your system)…

Thank you! This is good news. I’m sure the deb display it’s a bug in my version. I’m not seeing any errors in any of the logs I’m looking at. I can still see them all under Content > Content Types > Deb Packages. That’s good enough.