Katello-debug-4.13.0 el9 missing

after upgrading to katello 4.13.0 and the doing a leapp upgrade from rocky 8 to rocky 9, the katello-debug- is still installed.

Expected outcome:
a ketello-debug-4.13.1-X.el9.noarch is installed.

Other relevant data:
I did not find a el9 RPM at Index of /katello/4.13/katello/el9/x86_64.

@evgeni do you know why katello-debug isn’t available for EL9? I see it was dropped from the EL9 comps.xml in January, but that wouldn’t explain why the package itself isn’t there.

We dropped it, as it’s not useful (sosreport has all the data you want) and we shut down rsync.tfm.o

You can safely uninstall the el8 version.

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