Katello : Distribution Creation

My understanding is that if a treeinfo (or .treeinfo) is found during a
repository sync, a corresponding distribution and installation media will
be automatically created. Syncing Red Hat kickstartable trees automatically
created the installation media.

Unfortunately I still have to work with Red Hat 4.x machines and Red Hat
does not provide a kickstartable tree for that. Therefore I copied down all
the RPMs from the ISOs and created my own yum repo. I then created the
images directory and populated with the necessary files. After that I
created a treeinfo file. Synced that to Katello. However I don't see the
installation media get created. Also the distribution does not get created
under /var/lib/pulp/content/distribution.

In addition I synced in CentOS 6 which already has the treeinfo file
present in the public repositories. In that case the installation media did
not get created either (although it did when I was running nightlies but I
am now on 2.2) however the /var/lib/pulp/content/distribution/ directory
was created for CentOS 6.

Any help in troubleshooting would be appreciated.