Katello Documentation out of date?

I’m (attempting) to make the leap from spacewalk to foreman/katello. I’m finding that the examples in the documentation for katello 3.15 is very different from what I see on the screen. Can someone recommend a good tutorial?

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What part of the documentation is it, that you think would be out of date?
While the Foreman Documentation is quite barebone, it should be at least somewhat up to date.
You could also take a look at the new (work in progress) documentation at http://docs.theforeman.org/web/. While it simply states “Foreman” everywhere, from what I’ve seen by now the documentation also covers Katello.
If you struggle with understanding anything in the docs or feel like something does not work like described, feel free to report those findings, especially as someone new to Foreman/Katello. The new documentation is aimed at providing a better new user experience, so feedback from people like you is essential in making it better :slight_smile:

As part of this WIP effort, the docs are currently unavailable at that link and available here:


We will fix this soon :slight_smile:

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Thanks Areyus. I’ll have a look at that link.