Katello-Dynfow initial integration work and new tasks UI PR opened for review


I've just opened the DO NOT MERGE PR to Katello (https://github.com/Katello/katello/pull/3550)
brings the recent work on Dynflow for handling orchestration and task management.

Most of the code there is the javascript, as the backend piece is part of https://github.com/iNecas/foreman-tasks
so that both Katello and Foreman can base the tasks management on the same code base,
avoiding having multiple sets of models/apis for dealing with the same thing.

Please give it a try, see the code and write comments. It's my first official angular work
(not the smallest piece to start with), so please lower your expectations :slight_smile:

As the work blocks other tasks we have on the Katello, I would like to
find the smallest set of issues that need to get addressed before it
gets into master and address the rest there.

– Ivan