[Katello] Fast promotion of a repo (katello repo content_upload)

Hi all, its been a while since I've need to post which is good, but here

We've recently upgraded from Katello 1.2 to 1.4 (fresh build) and i'm
trying to get my head around what I can do with content views.

We have a repository which is fast changing, as it contains mainly bug
fixes from our developers. In 1.2 we could quickly sync this, and then
promote the product up through the environments.

In 1.4 we have to sync the repo, refresh the content view and promote the
view through the repos.

Since we can only assign one content view to activation keys, and that
content view contains everything that type of server may need (ie Redhat
DVD, EPEL, Optionals, Custom repos, ElRepo, Mysql, Postgres and many
others), then the process of moving this repository up through the
environment takes a long time.

I had a look at the cli command to inject an rpm into a repo as an
alternative method, but this fails with an error of:
> repo content_upload
–content_type=yum --org Test --product="Kernel_Modules-RH5_x86_64"
–repo="Kernel_Modules-RH5_x86_64" --environment="combo_6"
No content view specified for the repos call in a Non library environment
#<KTEnvironment id: 5, name: "combo_6", description: "", library: false,
organization_id: 2, created_at: "2014-09-14 21:51:43", updated_at:
"2014-09-14 21:51:43", label: "combo_6">

I seem to remember pulp-admin having this feature also, but pulp-admin
seems to have had a trim in version 1.4 of katello.

Is there are a way to update one product and get it through the
environments quickly? i'm using composite content view, the repo in
question has its own content view and is a subcomponent of the the
composite, have I missed something simple?

Any help you can give would be gratefully received :slight_smile: