Katello GitHub Permissions


I complain about this occassionally so I figured I'd take the initiative
to fix it. In the past, developers from Red Hat who primarily work
full-time on Katello were given Owner access. There's some teams
already setup but we're not consistently using them.

This is the current policy:

I'd like to propose restructuring things a bit. That includes removing
most people from owners, and limiting to just a few and setting up
permissions to be more team-focused.

Here's the proposed list of new teams:

Do note I've proposed a couple non-Red Hat committers to some
repos or teams. I'd like to tweak the policy for us to proactively
invite part-time developers, particularly non-Red Hat employees, for
commit access when appropriate. Anyone's always been able to request
commit, but I think invitations foster more engagement instead of
putting the onus on them to request it.

If this sounds OK, I'll say that sometime around mid-October I'll send a
reminder to review the final list of groups and then create them shortly
thereafter. Please have a look at the pad and feel free to recategorize
and add yourself to required teams.

ยทยทยท -- Best Regards,

Stephen Benjamin
Red Hat Engineering