[katello] How to disable by default new repositories added to an existing product


We have Katello 3 with multiple products (puppet, vmware, OEL, CentOS,
RHEL, etc). Currently we register the hosts with activation keys where we
have subscribed specific products and then we filter the repositories in
the product content tab. We do not use content views (all the hosts have
the default organization view). We do this because is more simple for us,
and we don't want to be publishing a new view version each time
upgrades/errata arrives.

The problem we currently have is that, with our setup, if we add a new
repository to a product (for example, add puppet repository for rhel 7 in
the puppet product) all the servers that have the product puppet get this
repository enabled by default, regardless of their version. There is a way
to make sure that, when you add a new repository is disabled by default,
and then you enable it manually? Red Hat repositories come disabled by
default and only enabled if the OS version is correct. Right now we only
have two options, either we update all the registration keys and
re-register all the hosts with the product we are modifying or execute a
remote command to disable manually the repository with
"subscription-manager repo-override". There is a better way to do this?
This is the expected behavior?

I suppose we can create content views and republish them every time we do a
repository sync, but in the past we had some problems with them and we
would like to avoid using them.


Same issue here, no answer ?