[katello] Importing existing Pulp and deploying services to remote systems

Currently I run the following services, all on dedicated VMs.

  • Foreman 1.6
  • Pulp 2.4
  • MongoDB

With Katello all I'm really hoping to gain is a GUI for managing Pulp.
Most of the repos in my Pulp instance are cloned from external repos and I
just cherry-pick the updates I want applied to my hosts. Some repos are
internal and contain packages not available from any other repository. The
Pulp VM is currently mounting /var/lib/pulp from a NFS server and MongoDB
is stored on a dedicated iSCSI volume (via oVirt).

Is it possible to use my existing MongoDB host and Pulp repos with Katello?
The MongoDB requirement is less strict, as I can live with hosting another
instance of Mongo, but I'd really prefer not to since I already have one
running. The pulp content I can't give up, and I'm not finding any clear
steps on the Katello docs of how to import my existing repos other than
syncing them. If I sync my repos into Katello, can I change the feed URL
so that once in Katello they are pulling from their original source?

As a side node, is it possible to install an instance of Katello that's
"just" the Pulp aspect? The following katello-installer command seemed
like a good idea but is failing:


Fails with:

"" is not a boolean. It looks to be a String at
on node repo.brazos.tamu.edu

What are the flags I can use to get a more minimal install?

Is there a good way to re-run the katello-installer with different options?
So far the only way I've been able to change between various
"–no-enable-*" options has been to restore the original answer file as
changed flags don't seem to effect the generated answer file.


  • Trey