[Katello] Logfile for Katello-Agent on Client?

Is there an option to have on the Clients (Content Host) a logfile, like
yum.log when Katello Server is pushing Packages via Pulp, I need this to be
ISAE3402 conform…

On Client:
In messages I see only that katello-agent/goferd was connected and running,
but I do not see which package was upgraded at which time…(yum.log is
Apr 20 12:52:12 test6 goferd: [INFO][worker-0] gofer.rmi.dispatcher:610 -
call: Content.update() sn=39d37268-e05c-466d-9e08-2c3c9dab19b6 data={u
'task_id': u'11ebd182-4080-4a1e-b8fc-f4b721027e96', u'consumer_id': u

On Server:
In messages I see only that pullp pushed a packages, but I do not see to
which client
Apr 20 12:52:40 katello pulp: pulp.server.agent.direct.services:INFO: (8603-
24672) {'reboot': {'scheduled': False, 'details': {}}, 'details': {'rpm': {
'details': {'resolved': [{'name': 'wget', 'qname':
'wget-1.12-5.el6_6.1.x86_64', 'epoch': '0', 'version': '1.12', 'release':
'5.el6_6.1', 'arch': 'x86_64', 'repoid':
'CESYSTEMS_CENTOS-6_Updates_RPMs_x86_64'}], 'failed': [], 'deps': []},
'succeeded': True}}, 'succeeded': True, 'num_changes': 1}