katello-master-package-release 1243 failed

katello package release pipeline failed:


Looks like failure is related to the sprockets upgrade (cc @ezr-ondrej) :

+ /usr/bin/rake 'plugin:assets:precompile[katello]' RAILS_ENV=production DATABASE_URL=nulldb://nohost --trace
/builddir/build/BUILD/katello-4.0.0.pre.master/usr/share/foreman/lib/foreman.rb:8: warning: already initialized constant Foreman::UUID_REGEXP
/builddir/build/BUILD/katello-4.0.0.pre.master/usr/share/foreman/lib/foreman.rb:8: warning: previous definition of UUID_REGEXP was here
Log file /builddir/build/BUILD/katello-4.0.0.pre.master/usr/share/foreman/log/production.log cannot be opened. Falling back to STDOUT
 WARN  root : No appender set, logging to STDOUT
 INFO  app : Rails cache backend: File
** Invoke plugin:assets:precompile (first_time)
** Invoke environment (first_time)
** Execute environment
rake aborted!
Sprockets::Railtie::ManifestNeededError: Expected to find a manifest file in `app/assets/config/manifest.js`
But did not, please create this file and use it to link any assets that need
to be rendered by your app:
  //= link_tree ../images
  //= link_directory ../javascripts .js
  //= link_directory ../stylesheets .css
and restart your server

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