katello-master-source-release 933 failed

katello source release pipeline failed:


Looks like a react test failed:

[2020-05-11T09:56:38.082Z] Summary of all failing tests
[2020-05-11T09:56:38.082Z] FAIL webpack/scenes/ContentViews/__tests__/contentViewPage.test.js (45.256s)
[2020-05-11T09:56:38.082Z]   ● Can call API for CVs and show on screen on page load
[2020-05-11T09:56:38.082Z]     expect(received).toBeTruthy()
[2020-05-11T09:56:38.082Z]     Received: null
[2020-05-11T09:56:38.082Z]       35 |   expect(queryByText(firstCV.name)).toBeNull();
[2020-05-11T09:56:38.082Z]       36 |   // Assert that the CV name is now showing on the screen, but wait for it to appear.
[2020-05-11T09:56:38.082Z]     > 37 |   await waitFor(() => expect(queryByText(firstCV.name)).toBeTruthy());
[2020-05-11T09:56:38.082Z]          |                                                         ^
[2020-05-11T09:56:38.082Z]       38 |   // Assert request was made and completed, see helper function
[2020-05-11T09:56:38.082Z]       39 |   assertNockRequest(scope);
[2020-05-11T09:56:38.082Z]       40 | });
[2020-05-11T09:56:38.082Z]       at webpack/scenes/ContentViews/__tests__/contentViewPage.test.js:37:57
[2020-05-11T09:56:38.082Z]       at checkCallback (node_modules/@testing-library/dom/dist/wait-for.js:62:22)
[2020-05-11T09:56:38.082Z]       at Timeout.callback (node_modules/jsdom/lib/jsdom/browser/Window.js:678:19)

@John_Mitsch mentioned they saw intermittent failures, but couldn’t reproduce them in NodeJS 10 (which is what’s currently used to build packages). They could in NodeJS 12 and the dev env has been updated to use this. It’d be good to move RPM packaging to NodeJS 12 as well but that’s 2.2.

Is this all set now? https://github.com/Katello/katello/commit/68219a01ef036fe338b8ef457e82df30d8d82e1a should have fixed those issues.

This is from 2 days ago. It is indeed intermittent as 932 passed.

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Good to hear, I was out on PTO when it was asked so wanted to confirm :slight_smile:

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