katello-nightly-rpm-pipeline 1288 failed

Katello nightly pipeline failed:


foreman-pipeline-katello-nightly-centos7-upgrade (failed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-katello-nightly-centos7-install (passed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-katello-nightly-almalinux8-install (passed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-katello-nightly-centos8-stream-install (passed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-katello-nightly-almalinux8-upgrade (passed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-katello-nightly-centos8-stream-upgrade (passed) (remote job)

This fails because of qpid proton in Foreman 3.1 / Katello 4.3. There were fixes but I guess they haven’t been released to the repo yet.

That’s correct. I think @Zhunting didn’t run Katello 4.2 and 4.3 pipes yet.

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