katello-nightly-rpm-pipeline 1398 failed

Katello nightly pipeline failed:


foreman-pipeline-katello-nightly-centos8-stream-install (failed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-katello-nightly-centos8-stream-upgrade (failed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-katello-nightly-almalinux8-install (failed) (remote job)
foreman-pipeline-katello-nightly-almalinux8-upgrade (failed) (remote job)

I’m not sure why registration is failing. It reports success in the messages but the exit code is non-zero?

As for the du problem:

It looks like the registration passes, but then this line is failing:

Perhaps that’s Simple Content Access related?

candlepin 4.2 is tagged back in since most of the work to support it is done, we are working on fixing the bats tests