katello-nightly-rpm-pipeline 409 failed

Katello nightly pipeline failed:


foreman-katello-upgrade-nightly-test (failed)
foreman-katello-nightly-test (failed)

upgrades are failing because 3.15 hasn’t been released yet and it’s looking for it. not sure if this is intentional or if we need to update it to go for 3.16 instead?

TASK [katello_repositories : Setup Katello 3.15 Repository] ********************
fatal: [pipeline-upgrade-katello-nightly-centos7]: FAILED! => changed=false 
  msg: 'Failure downloading https://fedorapeople.org/groups/katello/releases/yum/3.15/katello/el7/x86_64/katello-repos-latest.rpm, HTTP Error 404: Not Found'

install is failing on some tests:

Test Result (13 failures / ±0)

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