Katello-nightly-rpm-pipeline 524 failed

Katello nightly pipeline failed:


Looks like now this is failing on rpm dependencies?

Error: Package: pulp-rpm-plugins-2.19.0-0.1.alpha.201811030511git62b0eda.el7.noarch (pulp-repository)
           Requires: libmodulemd >= 1.4.0

That RPM was in EPEL. It’s now in RHEL 7.6, so it can’t be in EPEL anymore. But there is no CentOS 7.6 yet.

@pcreech does Pulp upstream have a plan how to support pre-EL7.6 setups?

@evgeni Unsure, will bring up with them during the weekly meeting

Pulp is ok with carrying libmodulemd until such time it shows up for centos 7.6

Just an update, still working on getting libmodulemd built.

I was able to get the epel libmodulemd from fedora’s koji to build in koji.katello.org. I’ve updated pulp’s comps, and have started pulp’s nightly release job. this should take care of this issue until centos 7.6 arrives

here’s the direct link

workarounds the problem for me, thanks!