[Katello] no TFTP/PXE entry for HostGroup

Hi at all,
I'm new to Foreman/Katello and I'm testing different configurations using a
VM and snapshots to start over. In one of my first tests, I have been able
to configure an HostGroup and get a PXE entry for it. Now, I'm not able to
get it anymore.

I'm using Katello 2.4.0 / Foreman 1.10.1, my foreman-proxy/katello-capsule
does not provide dns or dhcp but only TFTP/PXE, but this should't be a

If I create an Host, its TFTP entry has been created, if I put the same
setting in an Host Group, and then click on 'Build PXE default' under Host
-> Provisionig Template, I found a 'default' file in my
'/var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/' but it contain only 'local' and
'discovery' entry. I've enabled debug on foreman and foreman-proxy but only
error (???) message is

> Started GET "/provisioning_templates/build_pxe_default" for at 2016-02-26 18:35:44 +0100
2016-02-26 18:35:44 [app] [I] Processing by
ProvisioningTemplatesController#build_pxe_default as HTML
2016-02-26 18:35:44 [app] [D] Setting current user thread-local variable to
Admin User
2016-02-26 18:35:44 [app] [D] Setting current organization thread-local
variable to MyORG
2016-02-26 18:35:44 [app] [D] Setting current location thread-local
variable to MySITE
2016-02-26 18:35:44 [app] [I] Redirected to
2016-02-26 18:35:44 [app] [I] Completed 302 Found in 162ms (ActiveRecord:
2016-02-26 18:35:44 [app] [I]

I think it is a error message for the 302 code (but I'm not sure).

I' ve configured:

  • a subnet
  • a domain
  • a partition table
  • an operating system and an installation media

I'm using 'production' Puppet environment (but I have no classes) and
'Library' lifecycle environment (but without activation keys). I'm also
able to get the provisioning template using the URL
but Foreman does not create an HostGroup entry in its TFTP default file.

Any clue ? I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I don't know what …


I got it !! To get the PXE entry for a HostGroup I have to associate a
'Valid host group' under 'Association' tab