Katello: Non-security errata applicable - but there is no update

Problem: In Katello there is a Warning about “Non-security errata applicable” - but there is nothing on the content host

Expected outcome: No irritating messages should be shown

Foreman and Proxy versions: Foreman 3.3.1 / Katello 4.5.1

Host overview


Content Host



what is confusing you is probably the difference between applicable and installable errata.
“Applicable errata” means, that there are errata that affect this host.
“Installable errata” means, that the packages can be installed on the host from it’s current content view (version).
So, to make applicable errata into installable errata, you need to publish and promote new version(s) of your content view(s).

Hope this helps

I look in the Content tab / Packages and select “Applicable”, the list is telling me:
" The host has not reported any applicable packages for upgrade. "

in my 3.2/4.4 installation I have at hand I can see the same behavior you have (which is basically what I expected), but on the page you show in your sceenshot, I have a dropdown menu where I can select “Library synced content”, and it then shows me the applicable errata:

I don’t know if this was dropped in 3.3/4.5, or if that’s a problem with simple content access (which we are not using yet). In both cases, it looks like a bug to me.

thanks - the content view sync got stuck a few days ago, therefor content was not visible.
that was the issue at hand.

thanks for pointing that up.

although the dropdown you refered to is missing in the release i have…
well :slight_smile:

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