Katello not showing updates

Hi All

I am running Foreman 1.19.0 and Katello 3.9 on a Centos 7.5.1804

In the Hosts -> Content Hosts there is never any notifications of any installable updates and yum update says that there is no updates available the repositories are synchronised with the external repositories daily but still no updates are showing as available.

Is this a known issue?


I’ve noticed the same, it was working for me a few weeks ago however something has changed. Maybe a plugin which has been installed? I have Foreman 1.19, Katello 3.8 on a Centos 7 VM.

What worries me is that I reported it 13 days ago and no response, it’s getting difficult to defend having a foreman/katello installation on the premises when it’s not doing the job we where hoping it would do.

Also Content -> All Hosts is not showing update?

There is something into Content -> Errata -> tick Applicable ?
If yes, try to tick Installable. If nothing will be available as installable you have to publish a new version of the content view ( Content -> Content View -> you content view -> Version ).
The incremental update of a content view is not working in some version, publish a new version.

If yum update is not showing any available updates, the system may be subscribed to a different repo than the one being synced. Is the system associated with Library, or to a lifecycle env?