Katello: organization PR merged, requires katello:reset


I just merged the following PR:

This PR contains the model/schema changes so that the Katello engine
will extend the Foreman core organization (i.e. taxonomy).

The following are a few things to be aware of after pulling the changes
in to your local branch:

  1. You need to run 'rake katello:reset' to move to the single org schema

  2. The Katello engine's seeds.rb will still create ACME_Corporation.

  3. After logging in, you will see ACME_Corporation in both the Katello
    and Foreman organization UIs. There will be future PRs to move towards
    a single organization's UI; however, in the meantime, the 2 UIs are
    still functional.

  4. After logging in through Foreman, recommend selecting the
    ACME_Corporation org using the Foreman org switcher. The default
    behavior of Foreman is to be in an 'Any Org' context. Since Katello has
    not been updated to support that yet, it can cause Katello pages display
    partial information, display 403s…etc.