[Katello] Patching


I am planning to use katello/satellite 6 for patching and here is what
workflow i am planning to apply.

  1. sync repos from RHN
  2. create CV for those repos ( rhel6.6 common rpms, rhel6.6 rpms, puppet
    modules )
  3. create CCV for above CV ( RHEL 6.6 Stable release )
  4. promote it for dev -> stage -> production …

when for new updates sync from RHN again …

create copy (CV copy) of "RHEL 6.6 Stable release", now sync rhel6.6 common
rpms, rhel6.6 rpms again from RHN,

publish ( Change child CV versions ) CCV ( RHEL 6.6 stable release ) again
… and push from dev -> stage -> prod …

Now this is possible for Quaterlly release or 6 month release cycle… how i
can apply critical patches immediately ? Let say i have vulnerability in
glibc and i only want to update (add in CV ) glibc … how can i update only
glibc and dependencies ??

i dont see currently this option and this is very critical for us…

does anyone have any better model for suggestion ?