[katello] Problems with katello-disconnected

HI all,

I'm having some serious issues with katello-disconnected. All I want to do
is export a single RHEL6 repository, but whenever I try it, ALL my
non-Redhat repos are exported (centos, epel, puppet, etc). It also exports
all my content-views and environments. However, the only redhat repository
that shows up in the huge (73 GB) export is the kickstart repository.

I've followed the instructions for katello-disconnected to a "t" and the
same thing happens each time.

Here's the enabled repo listing:

[root@hostname exportdir]# katello-disconnected list
Red Hat Repositories

Puppet Forge

I've tried these various options:

katello-disconnected export -r rhel-6-server-rpms-6Server-x86_64 -t
katello-disconnected export -t /var/lib/pulp/external/forexport/

Interestingly, when I first begin exporting, if I look at the folder
structure in the destination, I see a "content" directory under which is
the expected path to the repo I'm exporting. However, the x86_64 folder
contains no RPM's and the "os" folder never makes it to the final tarball.

Any ideas?


Well, I've been reading even more carefully between the lines…I noticed
the diagram from the disconnected documentation page shows that the
synchronization host is just running pulp, not Katello. So I'm building
a system just for the purpose of synchronizing. I'll update if this still
doesn't work.

After building a new system that is only used for syncing repositories
using katello-disconnected, I am still having issues.

katello-disconnected export only seems to export all enabled repositories,
and never restricts itself to the repositories listed in the export

Any ideas would be very helpful.