[katello] Pulp 2.6 upgrade status

Got started on Friday on getting our builds running Pulp 2.6

Upgraded my system to Pulp 2.6 and ran Runcible against the new version.
Got all the way through the tests but it 1 failure:

Finished tests in 20.446528s, 0.5869 tests/s, 1.4183 assertions/s.

  1. Failure:
    Expected [] to not be empty.

12 tests, 29 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors, 0 skips

filed a Pulp 2.6 BZ with details:


it appears to not be generating applicability data correctly as we don't
get any errata back from the server. Will discuss with the team tomorrow
about if this is a bug in Pulp or not.


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