[katello][pulp] System DR and Backups

From what I've read the current best practice for katello DR is simply to
perform full filesystem backups of the databases and package repositories.
This scenario makes some sense when using an internet connected system in
which the time needed to re-download all packages may be prohibitive.
However, I plan to implement a disconnected system and will have package
repositories archived on non-volatile media. In this instance packages
could be restored relatively quickly.

My question is about how pulp catalogs that data for the system. Are
packages imported in a consistent and repeatable way? My concern is that a
lot of [enterprise] storage space is being used for something that is easy
to restore via several avenues. I'd like to only backup the pulp
database(s) and not the package repositories. Is there any possibility of
this? To me Katello/Satellite, though important, isn't really a critical
system so complete backup of the system isn't absolutely necessary.


Thanks ahead of time,
-[Mr.] Lesley Kimmel