[Katello/Satellite]upload puppet module from GIT repository to satellite repository

Hello All,

i have been working on satellite API to allow uploading puppet module from
GIT repository to Satellite repository, i was impressed by
puppet-blacksmith and i have created similar utility which will allow to
"tag" module, update "metadata.json" and create tar.gz and upload it to
satellite repository.

below is source code ( Document is coming soon and also code is wip ).


steps to use it.

  • Clone above repository ( currently i dont have gem )
  • create new module ( puppet generate dj-testing )
  • Update Rakefile with below contents ( make sure you have required gems
    installed and RUBYLIB path is set )

require 'puppetlabs_spec_helper/rake_tasks' # needed for some module packaging tasks
require 'puppet_blacksmith/rake_tasks'
require 'satellite_puppet/rake_tasks'

  • create "etc/sat-simple-config.yml" file with below contents

sat_username: "admin"
sat_password: "changeme"
sat_server: "your satellite server"

now once your puppet module is ready, you can run task.

rake satellite:upload("repo_id") ==> Pass repository ID

and it will upload module for you …!!!


  • create tasks for emergency upload module ( incremental update directly to CV, currently there is BUG which doesnt allow update module to CCV )
  • Write tests
  • refector code

I am awaiting for your feedback and suggestions + Pull requests + Issues.