[katello] setup roles in katello 2.1 for access to certain content hosts


I’m using Katello 2.1 and trying to setup roles to only allow certain users
edit rights to certain content hosts. I’ve performed the following so far:

  1.   Create a role that only contains the ability to view, edit, create 

and destroy content hosts only. However this doesn’t work as when the user
logs in they can select content hosts but the UI just sits there saying
loading and doesn’t get anywhere. So I’m possibly missing a dependency

  1.   The second attempt was to assign the users the viewer role. This 

allows the users to view everything in the UI. I then created a new role
just to edit and destroy content hosts. This allows for editing content
hosts only. However when trying to specify search criteria to limit the
scope of the content hosts to be edited it all falls apart for me. I tried
to enter the search as just the hostname then tried name = HOSTNAME but
whatever I type in I can still edit all content hosts.

So the question is, is there a way to create a role that can be configured
so a user can only edit content_hosts that are specified in the search
criteria that exist within an organization? I can’t split the computers
into separate organizations as we use katellos SAM feature and we can’t
break up the RedHat licenses due to the way we run our ESXi infrastructure.