Katello Smart Proxy not Syncing


I set up a Katello Smart Proxy and basically seems to work, but it does not sync with the “master” server.
When I look at the “Smart Proxies”, “Content Sync” page it says “Smart Proxy is synchonized”, but there is no content in /var/lib/pulp/content and all http requests 404.
I tried to Synchronize with Optimized and Complete Sync, but that just takes on second and jumps to 100%.
Do I have to set which products/repos should be synced to the proxy? If yes, where?



you have to add organizations and lifecycle environments per organization to the smart proxy.
Both can be done via Infrasturcture -> select your content proxy -> Edit
There you can add organizations and lifecycle environments to your smartproxy.


That worked. Thanx a lot!
Maybe this should be added to the docs in some way.