Katello with remote database docs?

I went through setting up remote databases with katello and have some questions

  • I heard there are some new installer options for this? What are they and how do I use them?
  • I created the databases locally and copied them over, is there a way to not create the dbs locally and only point to the external ones?
  • Do we have plans to document the full process of setting up katello with a remote database? I think this would be helpful for both devs and users.

I kept track of what I did here in case anyone finds this helpful

Hey John,

I have the installer options I used to test the remote DBs. For the remote
Foreman, Candlepin and Mongo DBs I used

foreman-installer --scenario katello
–foreman-db-host postgres.example.com
–foreman-db-password foreman
–foreman-db-database foreman
–foreman-db-sslmode verify-full
–foreman-db-root-cert /etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/ca-chain.cert.pem
–katello-candlepin-db-host postgres.example.com
–katello-candlepin-db-name candlepin
–katello-candlepin-db-password candlepin
–katello-candlepin-db-ssl true
–katello-candlepin-manage-db false
–katello-pulp-db-username pulp_user
–katello-pulp-db-password pulp
–katello-pulp-db-seeds “”
–katello-pulp-db-name pulp_database

It includes all the params necessary including SSL for Postgres. If I
recall it correctly the ca cert for Candlepin DB needs to by in the
system store (java section).

This worked for green field installation.

For existing installation the procedure is to

  • stop services

  • dump of the databases

  • restore on the remote ones

  • run installer with the above params to reconfigure everything

  • profit