Kattelo Client Not reporting Status

**Problem: When I add a client to my newly installed Katello box, the client does not report any status after the initial scan. The thing just shows in the Hosts with no reports section of the dashboard and none of the OS information or other things. It did collect facts from the initial install, but it hasn’t since then. To double check things, I added a second client and I find it in the same state, which leads me to think I didn’t configure something right on the server.

**Expected outcome: Clients report in after initial install

**Foreman and Proxy versions: Latest

**Foreman and Proxy plugin versions: Latest

**Distribution and version: Latest

Other relevant data:

Are you provisioning the clients through foreman/katello ? If so, is there an activation key assigned to the host or hostgroup?

Can you try subscribing the system with subscription-manager manually and see if that resolves the issue (or gives some error)?

Yes I am provisioning the clients through foreman/katello. There is an active key assigned and the host has been registered. I have registered it manually and there is no error using the subscription manager. The log files even show it connecting, but it still reports no status. I’ve connected two clients to the server and they both go into the same state. I can install and remove packages fine, it is just the status and the reporting that goes with it that is the issue.

Hi, did you find a solution? I have the same problem.