Kexec template using incorrect URL

The redhat discovery kexec snippet “ks=<%= foreman_url(‘provision’)” is using “https://server:9090” however the unattended url in settings → provisioning is set to use “http://server

Can i debug where this parameter is being pulled from for each host build?
Expected outcome:
foreman_url should use the setting configured in settings → provisioning
Foreman and Proxy versions:

See Foreman API documentation which is in the Settings - About.

Returns URL to Foreman or Smart Proxy depending on host.subnet.template proxy configuration.

So if your host’s subnet has a Template Capsule set, that one (aka Smart Proxy) is used to proxy the template from Foreman Server. There is always one Smart Proxy running on the Server itself, by default running on 9090/8000 ports for Katello setups.

It is all correct, what’s about it? See our Firewall setup guide for more details.

The only smart proxy i have is the one built into foreman itself. When attempting to provision it fails as it cannot pull the kickstart from “https://server:9090” but the kickstart template can be seen if i use “http://server”.

I removed the smart proxy associated with the subnets and left them unset, but it still resolves to use 9090.

In the end i re ran foreman-installer and specified --foreman-unattended-url “http://server” and the template now correctly resolves the url.

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