Kickstart template parameter defaults

Hi All

Could someone help advise how to change / set the parameters used in the kickstart templates. For example:

selinux-mode: string (default=“enforcing”)

I’m reading that this can be overridden in various places - such as global parameters - but I’m curious to know where the default values are saved/located?

Also with the above example, there’s also code in the kickstart to enforce

selinux --<%= host_param(‘selinux-mode’) || host_param(‘selinux’) || ‘enforcing’ %>

So would this also need changing if for example I am deploying with selinux set to permissive?



from what I understand, you are already looking at the “stored” default :wink:
The line selinux --<%= host_param(‘selinux-mode’) || host_param(‘selinux’) || ‘enforcing’ %> basically reads “Look up if a host_param selinux-mode is set, if yes, use that. If not, look up the host_param selinux and use the value of that param if it exists. If that does not exist, too, use enforcing as default”.
So, if you would want to change the default to “permissive” in case no parameter is set, you would just replace enforcing with permissive in your example.

Hope this clarifies your questions :slight_smile: