Koji Upgrade From 1.11 to 1.15 coming soon

As next step in the koji maintenance, I’m going to attempt to do a koji upgrade over the next couple days if that doesn’t conflict with anyone’s schedules. I know Tuesday is the next RC day.

Once I have pulp release work done I’ll go ahead and start the upgrade process during the workday EDT, and will make an announcement when the work has started.

Anyone have a preference of this friday or saturday?

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Thanks for picking this up, greatly appreciated. There’s arguments for both. On Saturday you’ll bother fewer people but if things break, there are more people available on Friday to help you fix it.

Personally I’m leaning to Friday because it’ll give me an excuse not to work on packaging and finish a few other items but will be available to help if needed.

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I’m going stop koji services and take a backup

Has been completed: